While product sales will appear from time to time, specials are not utilized as a marketing tool for the medical procedures performed by a physician at Innovative Aesthetics M.D. Experienced aesthetic clients will find the pricing at Innovative Aesthetics M.D. very competitive. 

Newer clients can be confused by sales and specials offered by some med spas. Many of these are perpetual "specials" are hard core marketing tools and never quote the actual price. Generally, you will actually end up spending more by shopping discount aesthetic medicine as the quality of your care can vary, you may not even know the qualifiations of the person doing the treatment, and upselling is unfortunately common in this industry. Legitimately sourced product should be a concern as well and the ONLY acceptable source is the company itself (Allergan, Galderma, Merz Aesthetics).  Less training and skill may lead to procedure mistakes that need to be corrected to appropriately manage an unforeseen complication. And, it's always more expensive to pay $200 less for a product that is marked up $200 in order to give you that "discount." 

In contrast, Innovative Aesthetics M.D. competes on high quality, specialized experience, unparalleled customer service, and customer delight. Dr. Lindsay's training and research never stops. This industry never stops, continually improving upon the status quo, pushing boundaries, and expanding our research to the best outcomes. 

Don't pay too much for botox. Fillers are done by a doctor. 

This is where everyone gets their botox every 3 months. 

Fun botox.

Botox parties. 

Lottery botox. 

Does it hurt to get botox?

Value Added Specials which ARE offered at IAMD

Complimentary products are very frequently offered at no cost or available at a discount when home use will create better results for the client. (example, free Mitzi Cosmetics professional lip care kit with purchase of lip filler)