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How much is Botox?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The most common question people ask when they call the clinic is "how much is a unit of botox?" While sometimes you may find a "special" on Botox injectables, there is usually more to consider, and nothing particularly special about it. Chain-franchised med spas will advertise "special deals" for which the fine print reads a minimum number of units must be purchased (typically 50 or 100). Most people really don't know HOW many units they were given when they walk out the door. Was it 10, 20, 50, 80? And how was it mixed? Is it a more dilute or concentrated mixture? Was it mixed correctly? What brand did you receive? Where did the bottle actually come from? Who injected you? (big one here!) Even worse, sometimes these botox credits will expire and if you have not picked up the next treatment, you lose the money. You also prepay for units and let the business hold your money regardless of whether or not your treatment needs change.

The price for botulinum toxin injections is measured by the unit because this amount can vary from client to client depending on their age, anatomy and the results they hope to achieve. It can also vary from one point in time to another point in time due to muscle atrophy with consistent treatments or changes with aging. A client in their 20s may need less than 20 units whereas a male in his late 40s may require up to three times that amount.

The most accurate estimate for cost planning is to get a direct assessment either in-person or virtually. A price per unit is meaningless without knowing how many units you will need to purchase.

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