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How much is Dysport?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Abobotulinum toxin, or Dysport, is a neuromodulator which is injected into precise locations in a muscle to decrease its activity and help smooth the skin. Dysport units are not equivalent to any other neurotoxin; however, the medication and chemistry works the same.

At Innovative Aesthetics MD, Dr. Lindsay uses Dysport to help clients find solutions to other problems including gummy smile, lip flip, jaw definition, and cheek slimming (masseters). Traditional cosmetic treatments in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes a

re the most common. For these areas, you can expect to pay approximately $250 per area. When dimpling of the chin, downturned corners of the mouth, or neck bands are included, the entire bottle of 300 units may be necessary. The current cost of full face and neck dosing is around $1200.

The treatment is relatively painless and quick after an initial assessment of your anatomy. The results begin to show after 2-3 days with full effect peaking around 14 days. Dynamic wrinkles will soften, and the skin texture will be smoother. Many people also notice a visible decrease in oil production. Static wrinkles will not respond as well and will likely need a multimodal approach with resurfacing or peels.

You can help your treatments to look better and last longer by combining an in-office treatment with a medical grade skincare regimen.

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