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Dr. Lindsay is a ZO® Authorized Physician.

Looking for hair growth? 

This Vitamin is for HAIR Health

*do not take while pregnant or nursing

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Other Recommended Skincare

Peace Out
Acne Dots
Peace Out
Pore Strips
The Ordinary
Foaming Cleanser
Paula's Choice
spf30 Sunscreen
Olay Retinol-24
Night Creme
Lip Restorative

These physician recommendations have all been tried and tested.  Disclosure: Purchase through these links results in a small commission to IAMD.

Medical grade skincare links to outside ZO Skin Health® website. 

Oily Skin Recommendations

Cerave Foaming Cleanser

A gentle cleanser to remove oil and debris without stripping the skin. 

Peace Out Acne Dots

Spot drying target dots to pinpoint breakouts instead of drying your entire face.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2%

Titratable at-home chemical peel to reset your skin and remove oily residue. TIME your application to avoid over drying.

Sleep Health Recommendations

Bose Sleep Buds II

NO more sleepless nights. Ideal for the night shift gigs. Your alarm breaks through but everything else blocked. Patented sleep inducing sounds guaranteed. 

MANTA Sleep Mask

MANTA. The most comfortable sleeping mask that also works for side sleepers and NO pressure on those LASHES. 

Sleep Inducing Melatonin Gummies

My favorite melatonin gummies with the added benefit of two additional sleep herbs, Chamomile & Lavender. 

Fashion Recommendations

Blue Stone Sun Shields Full Luxe Champagne

Bluestone Sun Shields are IAMD's chic solution to sun protection and anti-aging. Recommended by top doctors The original full shields are designed to provide extra protection and privacy post-cosmetic procedures (not heat resistant). The transparent and adjustable lens can be worn up like a visor or down to provide ultimate privacy and protection. The full shields are designed with an anti-glare, soft plastic lens with some flexibility providing full peace of mind that your skin is protected. 

Blue Stone Visor

Fashion and the very best design for sun protection. 

Blue Stone Sun Shields 

Recommended by top doctors and anti-aging experts. Ultimate privacy and protection. 


Beauty Devices


LED Light Photodynamic Facial Skin Care Rejuvenation Photon Therapy Machine for home use.  Relaxing, safe, and very effective anti-aging treatment. Includes goggles. 


Gift certificate for $500


Gift certificate for $1000. Can be used for a larger treatment or to secure several treatments over time. 

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