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About Innovative Aesthetics MD

Innovative Aesthetics M.D. is a physician-owned aesthetic medical practice offering customized, cutting-edge solutions for the discriminating younger client looking for nonsurgical cosmetic treatments and plans that are easy to understand and deliver optimal results. The office is located inside Salons by JC Winston-Salem in Suite 46, enjoying a range of collaborators in the beauty industry within the same building. 



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The beauty industry can be intimidating. Sometimes, it seems like everyone else knows what to do and fits a certain type of beautiful. It is difficult to find reliable and transparent information. You need a physician who will give you straight facts and realistic expectations, based on science and the most recent information. You need a physician who will listen to your concerns and guide you in the selection of the best treatment options for you. The science and technology of the aesthetic industry have evolved astronomically over the past ten years with better techniques and better products. Noninvasive treatments are an outstanding tool in your continued aesthetic journey. 

It has been my focus at Salons by JC to appeal to younger clients who believe as I do in natural beauty– and are keenly interested in preventing aging changes before they happen. My clients are typically younger men and women who really don't need significant changes or a lot of high dollar or invasive procedures, but rather a return to a previous age where they felt more confident. Sometimes, they just need a minor adjustment to achieve a more symmetric profile. Many younger clients also seek preventative treatments earlier because of aesthetic preference or predictive genetics. Not all concerns are amenable to noninvasive options and plastic surgery remains a gold standard in aesthetic medicine. For many clients, a mix of surgical and minimally invasive injectables results in the best outcome. Specializing in injectables allows me to be on the absolute tip of the curve in order to offer you the best of this piece of your treatment. 

My number one rule has always been safety — because nothing in aesthetics is worth any permanent harm. No medication or treatment is 100% without risk and it is important to work with a physician who can honestly discuss the risks and expectations, not just a bundled special or payment plan. The number two rule is effectiveness– it simply has to make sense scientifically and it has to work. My third rule is that it has to be reasonable– both financially and in terms of downtime and your schedule.

Feeling great in your skin gives you confidence in life that cannot be underestimated. Feeling like you are a partner in a plan to make you better is priceless. Innovative Aesthetics M.D. was established based on the idea that corrective and calming treatments should be performed on your terms with all the available information in a nurturing, warm, and inviting space.

What you will love about Innovative Aesthetics M.D. at Salons by JC in Winston-Salem?

Our loyal clients say it is the expertise, honesty, availability, results, easy scheduling, flexible appointment options, the ZO® Skin Health medical-grade skincare, and the no sales pitch policy. Skip the specials and enjoy transparent pricing, only buying what you need, and bypassing expensive add-on treatments without guaranteed results. The quickest and most flexible way to schedule is online through, sending an email to or texting (336) 817-5385. I look forward to helping you achieve your best version of yourself. 

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