Total Price Transparency 

because cosmetic services can be affordable
and all healthcare pricing should be transparent

Dr. Lindsay’s goal is to enhance and rejuvenate your confidence and sense of self.  

The medical aesthetic treatments at Innovative Aesthetics M.D. are limited to very specific noninvasive, comfortable and effective treatments. Dr. Lindsay is board-certified in emergency medicine with over 20 years of experience and is highly skilled in precise procedures. She has extensive and focused training in the field of aesthetic medicine and the art of injectables. All treatments are performed at the luxury salon and spa suites at Salons by JC in Winston-Salem.

New clients begin with an assessment of your goals and concerns, reviewing options and a plan of care. The $75 consultation fee will be waived if any treatment is booked at time of consult. It can also be applied for a discount on a skin care regimen. 

At this time, there is NO penalty or fee for cancellation for any reason, even on the day of appointment. If you are unable to cancel online through Vagaro or if you booked through phone or DM, text notification to (336) 817-5385. 



Toxins (for treatment or prevention of wrinkles, smoothing of skin, gummy smile,                  bunny lines, teeth grinding, jaw slimming, lip flip, eyebrow lift, downturned 

             corners of the mouth, crows feet, the "11s" or RBF (resting b---- face)


            Botox, Xeomin                                             $15/unit 

            Dysport                                                          $5/unit

                     Total price depends on number of areas treated, preferred results, &

                      anatomical considerations.  Treatment of ALL three major areas

                      (glabella, forehead and crows feet) is an average of around $600.

                      Younger clients usually only need treatment in 1 - 2 areas to target

                       overstimulation of muscle in specific targets. Treatment in only one                              area may be around $200. 

Dermal Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Versa)          $575+

Lip Filler (Restylane Kysse)                                       $675


The Innovative Lift™ (3-Vector Face Lift)                 $2475

Neck Lift and Jaw Define                                          $1875

Eyebrow Lift                                                               $1175



Microneedling                                                          $375/session

A collagen induction treatment which improves skin texture and treats scar and stretch marks. Requires a minimum of 3 sessions for the best results. (with platelet rich pl                                                                                                                                                                                                                        $900 for series of 3



Sclerotherapy                                                           $300 & up

Patients should commit to wearing recommend compression stockings after treatment for 6 weeks for optimum results.




Eliminate fat cells under the chin and reduce the “double-chin” look. Can also be used in other small areas of unwanted fat. Requires a minimum of 3 sessions.                                                                   $1100/session



The first step is a physician consultation specifically tailored to your individual gender identity. Wherever you are on your journey, Innovative Aesthetics M.D. can help you achieve your goals and look fantastic!

*supporting the World Professional Association for Transgender Health missions and standards of care


Dr. Obagi’s 3-step peel from ZO Skin Health         $275

         This is a prescription grade peel only done by physicians. 

Snail Serum Mask  (add on)                                      $35

EMK Beverly Hills 24k Gold Facial                           $75

Acne-Clear Sulfur Facial Treatment                         $55 



ZO Skin Health medical grade skincare products maximize your skin’s potential and health, addressing specific issues of dryness, dull, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, aging prevention. Several protocols available or you can self direct your product selection. Make an appointment to browse the products or get recommendations. You can also send an email to to select products for pickup or for the link to physician access for the store.  It is extremely easy to get started with this line!



For salons, day spas, hotels, retail events, bridal showers, or private parties. 


Parties are available for booking at your location. Get in touch for details, a price quote, and to book your event!

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