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5 Reasons to Get an IPL this Fall

With Fall just around the corner, now is the time to think about skin rejuvenation treatments that will take you into the new season in style and help to manage many of the aging changes always going on in the background. In addition to refreshing your complexion, you want a treatment that will effectively reverse the sun damage your skin suffered throughout the summer season.

I love this easy and effective treatment and recommend an IPL photofacial to all of my clients this time of year. An initial series of three is not mandatory but will show the best immediate results. And, who doesn't want clearer, brighter skin?

What is an IPL Photofacial? IPL is a non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation that uses specific light wavelengths to address a myriad of specific skin concerns. The procedure is performed at Innovative Aesthetics MD in Winston-Salem and Clemmons, taking about a half hour to complete.

The procedure involves little discomfort and no downtime, making it easy to fit your IPL photofacial sessions into your daily schedule. It does not require numbing for most clients.

Reasons you should think about getting aboard the IPL revolution in right now?

  1. Just like a fruit ages with exposure to the elements in the environment, we also continue to age. Repairing some of the sun damaged layers of the skin makes us look and feel younger.

  2. It's comfortable and quick.

  3. There is no downtime.

  4. Specific changes can be made to the filtered wavelength of light to address pigmentation, brown discolorations, or the general skin health.

  5. For a brief time, we are doing special pricing for an IPL package of 3 sessions (for the best results). A single session of IPL is normally priced at $750. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering buy 2, get 1 free or $1500 for the package of 3! Payment must be made up front; however sessions can be scheduled anytime through April 30, 2023. DON'T MISS OUT!

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