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Complications of Plastic Surgery and Scars

Plastic surgery can create stunning results and take years off your outward appearance. Millions choose a surgical option to correct external flaws that have bothered them for years and find increased self-esteem and confidence which gives them new purpose in their life. They have the confidence and emotional energy to go for new jobs, new promotions, new relationships, and new life goals.

Unfortunately, surgery is not always a happy outcome for patients. The commercialization of cosmetic medicine and prioritization of profits over outcomes create a higher risk situation for those seeking to make the right choice of surgery options and skilled cosmetic surgeons. It is hard to know who to trust and how to choose.

We make that easier from the front end at Innovative Aesthetics MD and now bring you the best options in referrals based on years of experience and personal inside knowledge. But, if you have already suffered a botched repair or unexpected complication, there is help for the improvement of scars or revision of suboptimal surgical technique.

Sometimes, this requires a referral to a specialized surgeon. Sometimes, there are noninvasive technologies and protocols available under skilled medical hands.

The first step is to make an appointment for a consultation. Some of the treatments that may be appropriate are scar revision, PRP, exosomes, topicals, injectable medications, microneedling, laser facials, and resurfacing lasers.


I recently had a patient who had a facelift last December and she was not just unhappy, but tearful about the pulling appearance of her lower ears. She is no longer able to wear earrings. She has changed her hairstyle to keep her hair covering her ears. She followed up with her general plastic surgery who told her "nothing can be done and that she should be happy with her younger appearance."

(the below example is not my client as she was too ashamed to allow me to post even her unidentifiable photos)

My response:

The pixie ear deformity is a well-known complication of a lower facelift and can be the result of either technique or temporary skin shortage tension. I advise waiting 3-6 months to allow normalization or improvement of this tension after which time it is absolutely amenable to local revision in the office. This is something to have a conversation with your original surgeon about first, but if you are afraid to approach him with this simple follow-up problem or get a snarky answer, then please reach out and we can help. (and you picked the wrong plastic surgeon)

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