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Feminization Jaw Slimming in Forsyth County

Differences between the men and women jaw

People looking for a feminine shape of the face may consider botulinum toxin injections in the masseter muscle for a slimming effect. The masculine jaw is more prominent and squared at the mandibular angle. Softer lines and more of a heart shaped face are associated with more feminine features. This is because in men, the chewing muscles, such as the masseters (the large bulk of muscle in front of the ears), are larger.

In addition to an aesthetic shape preference, overactive masseter muscles may result in teeth grinding, or bruxism. This can result in headaches, TMJ pain, and dental issues over time. A specific Botox treatment technique in the office can weaken the muscles over time to decrease or eliminate these problems. The treatment is fairly quick with four injections on each side after a numbing cream has been applied. The number of units required can range from 20 to 40 units and must be repeated approximately every 3-6 months.


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