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Treat the Message, not the Distraction --the MD Codes™

The MD Codes™ technique was conceived and developed by Dr. Mauricio DiMaio, a well-known Brazilian cosmetic surgeon and published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal in 2020. The philosophy, technique, and complex formulas were also made through Allergan education. The 75 precise injection points are strategically defined from the anatomical and surgical data of the face and extensive study of the aging process. The basic idea is based upon a three pillar approach: the foundation, the balance and contour, and the refinement. Ironically, treating with more syringes (according to Dr. DiMaio that magic number is 12) results in a more natural look because we are treating the comprehensive face.

While the technique involves more syringes of product than Americans are used to, it offers a very safe and natural-looking outcome. Training focuses on the anatomy and variants of bone, fat compartments, vascular, and nerve structures. Even more importantly, the mobility of the face and anatomical structures is considered during injection as well. Despite a whopping 17 syringes injected into a model subject posed in the original article, most people would not even recognize that she has filler in her face at all because of the technique.

de Maio, M. MD Codes™: A Methodological Approach to Facial Aesthetic Treatment with Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Aesth Plast Surg (2020). TARGET AREAS

  • forehead,

  • cheekbones and temples

  • cheeks, tear troughs

  • lips

  • jaw,

  • nasolabial folds

  • marionette lines

  • chin


  • Each point has a specific type of hyaluronic acid depending on the desired effect;

  • Injection technique: needle or cannula;

  • Injection mode: bolus, backward or fan;

  • Injection depth: in superficial, medium or deep layer;

  • Injection volumes are also coded to avoid over-correction.

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