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ZO® Skin Health Winston-Salem Mt Airy Clemmons NC

ZO® Skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi is a medical grade skincare line designed as a bridge between professional skin treatments and follow up at-home care. The protocols and solutions available through ZO Skin Health are formulated with potent and scientifically proven ingredients to ensure the most effective treatment results.

Available at Innovative Aesthetics M.D. in Winston-Salem, clients will receive a personalized custom skin care plan from Dr. Lindsay which will evolve based upon your individual clinical situation and unique goals. Those who have done their own research or already familiar with the brand are also welcome to purchase products and use a self-directed regimen. You do not need to be receiving botox or filler treatments at the clinic in order to qualify to purchase products. Everyone is at their own place in their skin care journey or may already be receiving other treatments from another qualified provider. My goal is to share these amazing and effective skincare products with anyone who is looking to optimize their skin health and appearance for life.

In 2021, appointments are necessary to shop at IAMD but there is absolutely no charge for a shopping visit. Simply book through the regular appointment link and select "appointment." Note "skincare" in the appointment notes or send an email to with your selections. You can be invoiced, and your products shipped or delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

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