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Tattoo Removal in Winston-Salem

How many treatments will I need?

Since tattoo removal depends on your body's own metabolism and the chemistry of the tattoo itself in addition to the technology used, most patients need between 5 and 10 treatments before achieving complete ink removal. Patients with older, smaller, or more faded tattoos may only need 3 to 4 treatments.  Some may never see complete fading.  During your free consultation, Dr. Lindsay will assess your tattoo based on a variety of factors in order to best estimate the number of treatments you will need in order to reach complete removal. These factors include:


  • Age of tattoo

  • Size of tattoo

  • Location of tattoo

  • Ink density

  • Depth of ink

  • Pre-existing scarring

  • Type of artist (professional vs. amateur)

  • Patient health

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